PINK PRIDE: Thank You 2014!

To our followers and customers:

The month of October has come and gone. But before you put away your PINK PRIDE jerseys and headbands, we want to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all your help!!

Together, we donated over $5,000 to the The Side-Out Foundation!!

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to our new followers – those who followed us on Google+Facebook, Twitter, InstaGram, Pinterest, and our Blog – each one of you represents $1.00 of our donation. Through just one small click or touch on your phone, you potentially made a HUGE positive impact in the lives of those fighting breast cancer and their friends and families.

And a BIG thank you to our existing followers who shared, re-blogged, re-tweeted, re-gramed and re-pinned our efforts to spread the word of our PINK PRIDE push and reach others that we might not have otherwise.

Finally, to all of our much-loved customers, who purchased PINK PRIDE items, thank you!  5% of sales of PINK PRIDE items went directly to The Side-Out Foundation.  We know you have a lot of options when shopping and we are very grateful that you chose us and become part of our team in the fight against breast cancer.

From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate each and every one of you!

To all those fighting,

To all those who are survivors,

To the 1 woman in every 8 who will be diagnosed,

I’ve got your back.

This year, next year, and in all the years to come, until there is a cure, we pledge to show our PINK PRIDE and do what we can to support this worthy cause. Thank you again for your help!


The All Volleyball, Inc. Team

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support!

#TBT PINK PRIDE: Four Little Words Poem

Four Little Words

Isn’t it amazing, what a shock
Four Little Words can cause?
How they can take your breath away
And bring everything to a pause.

I got home from work and took that call,
Looking back, I really had no clue.
Four Little Words would be spoken
To change my entire point of view.

Quietly, Four Little Words were said:
“I. Found. A. Lump.”
Instantly, I sank into my chair,
And my adrenaline began to pump.

I had so many questions
But, honestly, no words came.
Because of those Four Little Words
I knew that life would never be the same.

Two years of sickness, ups and downs
Of tears, chemo and change.
Made us appreciate each and every day,
Those Four Little Words were to blame.

Awareness, Early Detection helped saved her life.
Courage, Strength, Love helped drive her.
To transform those dreaded Four Little Words to
“I. Am. A. Survivor.”

B.G. 10/17/13

#TBT: PINK PRIDE: 1 in 8

It has been a year since I wrote this blog post, but the message is still just as important.  In honor of Throw Back Thursday, here is a message to all your volleyball girls out there:

I was a sophomore in college, hanging out in the locker room with my volleyball team. It was October and we were closing in on a spot to go to the conference tournament. We were dancing to our warm-up CD, laughing, getting pumped up for our game.

PINK ribbons and PINK headbands decorated our hair.

PINK socks peeked out from underneath our ankle braces.

PINK sports bras hid under our home jerseys, close to our hearts.

It was the very first PINK PRIDE match in university history, but in the locker room, it was just another home match. We were focused on beating our rivals to improve our conference ranking, talking excitably about our game plan.

Then a familiar knock sounded at the door, asking permission to enter. At our answer, our coach walked in. He had traded in his usually red polo for a PINK one. He also had a PINK ribbon pinned to it, just above our athletics logo, near his heart.

He asked us to sit to listen to what we thought was our usual pre-match pep talk.

1 in 8 women will have some form of breast cancer in her life. Take a minute to look around the room. Look at your teammates, your friends, your roommates.”

Our stunned silence filled the room as we looked around and realized: our team was made of 16.

“Two of you will have some form of breast cancer in your life,” he continued, almost choking up.

“Remember why you wear PINK.”

With that, he walked out of the locker room, leaving us to think.

At that moment, it became real. This is why we wear PINK during October. We are not invincible. You aren’t too young to have breast cancer. You aren’t too fit to have breast cancer. You aren’t too busy or too important, or too anything to have it.

We show our PINK PRIDE to raise awareness, to fight for those who are battling, to celebrate those who are survivors, because individually, we are not invincible, but together, we are strong.

To those who are fighting, I’ve got your back.


PINK PRIDE: All Volleyball, Inc. Joins Side-Out for October Campaign

HOT OFF THE PRESS:  Check out the official press release of our partnership with The Side-Out Foundation!  Very excited to help support such a great cause.

All Volleyball, Inc. Joins Side-Out for October Campaign

By Julie Matthews

Fairfax, VA (October 1, 2014) — The Side-Out Foundation is pleased to announce its newest sponsor, All Volleyball, Inc. Throughout the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), All Volleyball, Inc. will host a social media campaign to benefit Side-Out (1 new follower on their social media pages=$1 donated!), and they will also donate 5% of all sales from the women’s and men’s categories of their Pink Pride program.

Rick Dunetz, executive director of The Side-Out Foundation, is excited about the sponsorship: “All Volleyball is a well-known, well respected organization, and we are honored that they chose to support The Side-Out Foundation for their October campaign. We share a love for volleyball and a commitment to serve our communities, and we look forward to working with them.”

Wayne and Kriss Lawson, owners of All Volleyball, Inc. are encouraged by the generosity of the volleyball community and look forward to supporting an organization that means so much to players and their families: “As the founders and staff of The Side-out Foundation can attest to, the volleyball community is a unique group of individuals with like spirit. They are energetic, honest, helpful, trustworthy, smart, ambitious, genuine, competitive, and extremely close knit. It’s no wonder that the Dig Pink Rally has attracted so many participants. As founders of All Volleyball, we’ve been witness to the spirit of this volleyball community for many years. We feel that our partnership with The Side-Out Foundation will give us an opportunity to support this cause alongside our fellow volleyball enthusiast.”

Funds from All Volleyball, Inc.’s initiatives will benefit The Side-Out Foundation starting Wednesday, October 1st and will continue throughout the month of October.

About All Volleyball, Inc. All Volleyball, Inc. was created to give all the volleyball-lovers out there a simple, convenient and affordable shopping experience! Since 1995, their philosophy has been simple: provide great products at competitive prices and the best customer service in the industry. By following these simple principles, they’ve grown from two people to a company full of dedicated team members of all different backgrounds.

All Volleyball, Inc. believes that donating time, talents and resources through acts of charity and volunteerism is an important part of their business values. Thus, their philanthropy group was born in 2013 and named All Volleyball Serves. By helping others, through the game of volleyball and beyond, they better the community on and off the court, as well as boost camaraderie among their team members.

See the original blog post on The Side-Out Foundation’s site by clicking here.

AVB Coach of the Year…Now Accepting Nominations!

AVB Coach of the Year!


Coach:  noun, a person who teaches and trains the members of a sports team making decisions about play during games.

This dictionary definition doesn’t even begin to describe the dedication, inspiration and hard work that many coaches bring to the court.  All Volleyball wants to honor those who devote their time to volleyball, encouraging a love and passion for the sport.

Does this sound like your coach?!

Send your story to to nominate your coach for the AVB Coach of the Year award!  If your coach wins, you will receive a $20.00 Gift Card to

The Coach of the Year will win a free Polo Shirt and Coaches Briefcase courtesy of All Volleyball and Mizuno USA.

Workout Wednesday – August 27th

Lovin' this Under Armour workout outfit!

Lovin’ this Under Armour workout outfit!

Workout Tip:  remember to reward yourself!  Making small goals can help keep you motivated and positive, which will help you reach your ultimate goal.  Once of my favorite things to do is treat myself with a new workout outfit.  It is cute, yet practical and I know it is something I will use.  Plus, I can mix and match with my other fitness fashions or wear it running errands to put a little cute in my chores.

My newest obsession?  Tanks with legging capris!  Get this outfit exclusively from All Volleyball – in our St. Louis store or – and take your workout to functionally fashionable!

Under Armour Women’s Volleyball Tank Top – Neon Yellow

Under Armour Volleyball Alpha Capri – Neo Pulse

Under Armour Women’s 1236768 Alpha Solid Sports Bra