Tasty Tuesday: Yogurt Cover Pretzels

Strawberry Yogurt Covered Pretzels

1 large bag mini pretzels
2 cups strawberry yogurt
4 cups confectioners sugar

1. Preheat the oven to 250ºF.
2. Beat together the confectioners sugar and yogurt until the frosting is smooth and creamy. Add up to a cup more of confectioners sugar if necessary to make it thicker. Stir in the pretzels.
3. Place the pretzels on a lined cookie sheet. Turn OFF your oven and place the pretzels inside, propping the door open slightly. This will help dry the frosting. Allow them to sit there for 3 hours before removing.
4. Enjoy!

http://www.babble.com/best-recipes/ via http://downlo.tumblr.com/post/7017434865/strawberry-yogurt-covered-pretzels

#TBT PINK PRIDE: Four Little Words Poem

Four Little Words

Isn’t it amazing, what a shock
Four Little Words can cause?
How they can take your breath away
And bring everything to a pause.

I got home from work and took that call,
Looking back, I really had no clue.
Four Little Words would be spoken
To change my entire point of view.

Quietly, Four Little Words were said:
“I. Found. A. Lump.”
Instantly, I sank into my chair,
And my adrenaline began to pump.

I had so many questions
But, honestly, no words came.
Because of those Four Little Words
I knew that life would never be the same.

Two years of sickness, ups and downs
Of tears, chemo and change.
Made us appreciate each and every day,
Those Four Little Words were to blame.

Awareness, Early Detection helped saved her life.
Courage, Strength, Love helped drive her.
To transform those dreaded Four Little Words to
“I. Am. A. Survivor.”

B.G. 10/17/13

Workout Wednesday: Music in Pink

Looking for something different to boost your fitness routine today?  Check out this playlist featuring music from the talented P!nk over the years!

A Very P!nk Workout Playlist

  1. Get the Party Started
  2. Raise Your Glass
  3. Funhouse
  4. So What
  5. There You Go
  6. Most Girls
  7. M!ssundaztood
  8. Tonight’s the Night
  9. Don’t Let Me Get Me
  10. Try

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